With the summer months approaching quickly, you may become aware of the areas on your body that you would rather cover up while lounging by the pool. Sometimes the hard work you put into your body just doesn’t pay off how you wanted and you didn’t get the physique you were hoping to from intense workouts or cutting calories. If this is applicable to you or you just want to trim some fat without putting in the work, CoolSculpting with our team at Foothills Med Spa may be the treatment option for you!

What Is CoolSculpting?

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is an effective and efficient way to remove fat from stubborn areas on your body. This is a non-surgical procedure that will help kill unwanted fat cells while leaving the healthy cells unharmed throughout the process. Because fat cells will freeze and die at a higher temperature than the other cells, CoolSculpting can target any surplus of fat cells to help shape your body. Those fat cells will be flushed out by the body’s natural processes once they are no longer living. This entire procedure takes place through your skin which will leave you with no indicators that you had any CoolSculpting done to help you achieve your desired look!

Common Spots For CoolSculpting

There are many different parts of your body that you can have CoolSculpted! During your consultation, you can discuss the areas that you are hoping to remove fat and how it can be implemented into your plan. Some of the most targeted areas on the body are the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and arms. Other frequent areas that you can treat are the chin region and unwanted fat on your back.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has a great number of benefits; however, there are some that stand out more than others to the patients who have had the procedure. One of the strongest advantages is that there is no downtime after the procedure. Once you have finished your appointment at Foothills Med Spa, you can typically return to your normal life once you walk out the door with no recovery period. Not only is CoolSculpting non-invasive, meaning it will not leave marks or scars, it is also a less painful experience than other fat removal treatments. Other than some tingling, a cold sensation, or a mild pulling sensation, once the CoolSculpting is done these feelings should subside!

How Long Does It Last?

Since CoolSculpting kills the fat cells in the targeted areas, the results will show up once the dead cells are flushed from the body. After three to four weeks, some new definition will start to show and continue to become more defined over the next few weeks or months. The results from CoolSculpting can be permanent if you make a few healthy life changes. By maintaining an exercise routine and relatively clean diet, the outcome will have long-term benefits!

CoolSculpting is a simple process that can help you achieve your dream body without the pain of invasive surgeries or unrealistic diet plans. If you are interested, contact Foothills Med Spa and schedule a consultation today!