Morpheus 8

The team at Foothills Med Spa is proud to offer Morpheus 8; a skin care procedure that can treat everything from stretch marks to surgical scarring!

Experts In Morpheus 8

Have you ever wanted to improve your skin’s appearance without surgery? Now you can! The team at Foothills Med Spa is excited to offer Morpheus 8 treatments in our array of top-quality skin care services!

Morpheus 8 uses a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency technology to renew and tighten your skin. As a completely non-surgical procedure, Morpheus 8 is safe for any skin type and has minimal downtime; you can get right back to your daily schedule without a fuss!

How Does Morpheus 8 Work?

Morpheus 8 targets sub-dermal skin and tissue layers to stimulate the production of collagen and the targeted elimination of fat, such as the jowl area. The blend of radiofrequency and microneedling provides extremely uniform results, with little to no damage to the surface of your skin. Typical side-effects include a slight burning sensation similar to a sunburn that fades within a couple of hours, or, when treatment is aggressive, you may experience some redness or faint bruising that lasts 48-72 hours.

What Can Morpheus 8 Treat?

Morpheus 8 is an effective treatment for a variety of skin concerns, from skin tightening and lifting to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Morpheus 8 also treats:

  • Acne
  • Surgical Scarring
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hyperhidrosis

If you experience any of these skin concerns and are looking for the best treatment option, Morpheus 8 may be for you. Contact us today for a consultation!

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