Skincare differs from person to person based on skin type, access to skincare products, environmental factors, and much more. It is important to find a routine that works for you regardless of what others use or do to take care of their skin.
With summertime in full swing, it may be time to adopt new skincare tricks and swap out some products that will serve you best for the hot season.

Why is a skincare routine important?

In the health and beauty space, skin care is the most popular topic next to makeup–and there is a reason why. Your skin is the base layer to which makeup is applied. Having a smooth and hydrated canvas makes all the difference in how your makeup looks and lasts.

Taking care of your skin also helps to prevent premature aging which is most commonly shown through wrinkles and dark spots. Taking care of your skin early in life can help you spend less money on anti-aging products and treatments as you age. Developing a skincare routine that works for you and your skin can help you make sure you look your best far into your older years.

The skincare products you use can differ from season to season based on what your skin needs. We will dive into some essentials to help you take care of your skin during the summer.

Sun Protection

One of the most important steps in your skincare regimen is to wear sunscreen. The lack of a broad spectrum SPF in your routine increases your risk for skin cancer and skin damage due to sun exposure.

Due to heightened exposure to harmful UV rays during the summer, sunscreen is especially important during this season. Sunscreen is essential not only during the summer months but all year round as well. Just make sure that you remember that you can still get sunburned on cloudy days! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen even when there is no direct sunlight.

In the skin/beauty world today, there are multitudes of sun protectants to choose from that will match your skin type and tone. When shopping for a good sunscreen, look for ones with the ingredients Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. These FDA-approved chemicals are standout combatants against the sun’s harmful rays.

Applying enough sunscreen can make all the difference in the product’s actual effectiveness. We suggest you use the “3 Finger Rule”. Apply your sunscreen along the length of your three middle fingers, and that will be the perfect amount of product to use for the day!

Skin Hydration

Hydrated skin starts from within. You have probably heard how important it is to drink a lot of water, but this cannot be more true when it comes to your skin’s health. The key to having hydrated skin is drinking enough water, which will help your skin glow from within.
If you suffer from dry skin, take extra caution during the summer when it comes to spending long days outdoors. A sunburn or windburn can make dry skin more challenging to combat, but petroleum jelly-based products like Vaseline and Aquaphor are great for dry patches on the skin.

It is essential that you end each day with a good face wash to get rid of all the dirt and sweat that developed throughout the day. Oftentimes, lathering soaps can leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. Creamy cleansers will help prevent stripping moisture from your skin.

For surface hydration after a wash, moisturizing creams with hyaluronic acid and face oils will be your best friend.

Glowy Skin

A glowing complexion goes hand in hand with skin hydration. When your skin is moisturized and supple, your complexion will appear brighter and have a lit-from-within glow. Additionally, there are extra steps you can take towards achieving the famous “glass skin” look.

A skincare product that is perfect for use during the summer are those that contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production in your skin and brightens your complexion. During the summer, the hot weather causes us to want to use fewer makeup products. A few drops of Vitamin C serum can help lighten dark spots caused by sun damage which gives the appearance of healthy skin and allows us to feel more confident in our exposed skin.

Another trick in achieving dewy skin is exfoliating. By promoting quicker cell turnover, exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells on your face to reveal a new layer of soft, velvety skin. This can be done through face scrubs, dermaplaning, or dry brushing. Be careful using harsh chemical exfoliators on sensitive skin because you do not want to completely strip all the moisture from your face.

Facials are another great option to treat yourself like you’re on summer vacation! Check out our services for facial options that will rejuvenate your summer skin and help restore your inner glow! Request a consultation about one of our industry-leading skincare treatments with Foothills Med Spa today!